PLACE Designers | Ultimate Flex

During this time period as a design exercise, I developed the plans seen here, intended to fit on standard lots and designed for shared living. They feature three fully independent suites, with separate entrances, kitchenettes and full baths as well as a shared living space.


PLACE Designers | Dinosaur

Our plotter at the time was a pen plotter. It methodically drew every line in a particular pen weight (thickness) by shifting the paper up and down while the pen moved right to left. It actually drew each drawing like you would by hand. Then it would select another pen of a different thickness, and do it again. It took about an hour to do a single sheet.

PLACE Designers | Shoe Leather

I worked hard on crafting a resume and then my mom drove me to the offices of the two firms. I nervously walked in, unannounced, and asked to meet the owners. Suprisingly, in both cases I was granted an audience, and in both cases I was offered a position for summer employment.