The author of this blog is me, David Rothenberg.  I am an architect, one of the owners of PLACE Designers in Round Rock, TX.  I currently live nearby in Jonestown, TX with my wife, two sons, dog, and parakeets.  (The dog and parakeets belong to my sons.)  This blog is loosely about architecture and building development.

I received my degree from The University of Texas at Austin.  Subsequently, I worked for LRK Architects in Memphis doing mixed use and town center architecture.  When I got my license, I moved back to my hometown of Georgetown, Texas and started my own firm.  In 2009, I agreed to join PLACE Designers (then known as BWM Group.)

Through the years I have dabbled in construction and development, mostly for my own or family projects.  Additionally, I enjoy reading and learning about related disciplines.  One of the joys of my work is that I get to learn and advise my clients as they receive buildings tailored to the needs of their businesses.  By attempting to acquire a broad knowledge base, I feel I better understand my client’s goals.