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The first concern for spouses is the need to be able to discuss (or vent, as I put it) the events of the day in a safe setting, with someone who is guaranteed to have your back, so to speak. I have observed that all employees will have difficult days at work.  Sometimes you are mad at your boss because they gave you an assignment you don’t like or don’t feel like is reasonable or achievable.  Sometimes someone said something that made you mad.  Often the ability to express your feelings and be reassured of your personal worth and the unconditional love of another human is what is needed to be able to continue to function in the work setting.  However, if your spouse is also your business partner or worse, your boss, how can you effectively vent about work?   How can you complain about your boss to your spouse if your boss is your spouse?  Your partner will likely resent or take personally some of your complaints about work.  And how will you keep work from spilling into all facets of your life?  You cannot.  Your work discussions will carry into the home, and one or more spouses may resent the infringement into “family time.”

More to come soon.  If you want to get in touch please let me know!  Thanks for reading!

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