PLACE Designers | Who we are

About PLACE Designers

PLACE Designers intentionally and purposefully combines Planning, Landscape Architecture, Civil Engineering, and Architecture in one firm to more effectively develop real estate in Central Texas and beyond.  Our clients appreciate the increased collaboration, efficiency and accountability of combining Planning, Landscape Architecture, Civil Engineering, and Architecture in one firm.

PLACE Designers has developed an innovative path to ownership for entrepreneurial minded employees, facilitating a systematic advance of responsibility and organizational participation that corresponds with the abilities and interests of the individual.

PLACE Designers constantly improves its practices and procedures with the same iterative approach it uses to design award winning projects.  Consistent refinements to established practices and procedures have helped PLACE Designers to meet and exceed industry best practices.

PLACE Designers combines multiple successful firms with broad complimentary expertise:

LZT Architects Inc. founded 1932

                Matrix Design Companies founded 1967

  • Spencer Architecture (Houston)
  • Settles Architecture (Arlington VA, Washington DC, Annapolis MD, Los Angeles CA)
  • IMA Forensic Architecture (San Francisco CA, Arlington VA)

Corridor Engineering founded 1989

Hall Bargainer Inc. founded 1998

                BWM Group LP founded 2001

                Rothenberg Architecture founded 2007

More to come soon.  If you want to get in touch please let me know!  Thanks for reading!

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