PLACE Designers | Bye Bye Blueprint Blues – A Tight Fit

At PLACE, we try hard to listen to our clients and solve their problems.  One of the problems we experienced many times is the challenge of coordinating architecture and civil engineering when there are separate firms involved.

Lets face it, at times engineers and architects can seem as different as cats and dogs.  And while both have valuable and necessary contributions to make to a project, they may find themselves at odds on the desired solutions.  Add into this the lost time with 1-2 weeks between meetings and coordinating these two crucial disciplines can be very frustrating!

Perhaps because we started as a land planning firm, it was natural for us to try to integrate architecture and engineering in one firm.  Through careful effort, we have compiled a team of land planners, civil engineers, architects, and landscape architects that work together seamlessly and efficiently.

This all adds up to exponential advantages – time savings, better ideas, better design, better overall solutions, lower cost, and, as the video highlights – less conflicts!

We work off the same files so we can see changes to the documents in real time.  Additionally, you can not beat the convenience of being in one office for coordination.  Perhaps that is why in just 5 short years, PLACE has gained a reputation as the go-to firm for turn-key commercial development project designs.

The ad which you see above was done by my brother, a great animator and generally funny guy (if I may say so) and I recommend him especially for these little social media spots.  Check him out at

Brainstorming with my brother is always fun.  I hope you enjoy.

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