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The attached project approach graphic may seem intuitive at first glance.  However, it is essential for the success of a project that the right things be done in the correct order.  The foundation of a successful project starts with the 1st item “Listen to Client’s Needs.”  So many architects and engineers fail to do this successfully.

The architecture and engineering team is no doubt eager to do a good job on the project.  As soon as they see it, their creative juices start flowing.  So much so, that they may begin to conceive design solutions without fully understanding the client needs.  After investing time and energy into a solution, it can be emotionally or financially costly to go back and make changes.  That is why listening to the client should be the first step.

Each phase the design team should wait for client approval before proceeding.  This will ensure that minimal revisions are required and that the client is involved at every step.

Lastly, communication is essential.  It is not enough to do a good job, you must also include the client in the process.  Clients desire and deserve this.  They need to know that progress is being made and be able to satisfy themselves that it is meeting their requirements.

These basics to a successful project approach have one thing in common – none directly relate to design.  But without these, no project is truly a success.




David Rothenberg


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