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I mentioned in a previous post that when we bought our building at 304 East Main Street, Round Rock Texas, it was ugly.  In fact, it was everything an architect hated.  It had bad masonite siding everywhere.  Terrible proportions.  Inside, fake plywood paneling and popcorn ceilings.  Additionally, it had dated office furniture throughout.

It was dusty and dirty, and everything was exactly as it had been when the previous user had gone out of business.  Desks had uneaten candy bars and reading glasses lying on top.  Several hundred square feet were filled with outdated low voltage electronics.

I took one of my architects by there to proudly show him our firm’s new project and new home.  It was the beginning of the end of our relationship.  He could not imagine why I would want to destroy our firm by leaving our wonderful home for this.  I could not understand why he, an architect, could not visualize the possibilities.

The fact of the matter was that the terrible curb appeal was the reason why the building was available for us.  First of all, no one else wanted it.  Main Street buildings don’t normally last long when they go for sale.  Additionally, it had been marketed for a long time already.  When we came forward with our offer and requested 100% seller financing, we got it.

This was a home-run.  A top notch property would not have been available.  It would not have been seller financed.  It would not have the opportunity for us to add value.  We got our new home on Main Street.  It may have been an ugly duckling, but it was our ugly duckling.

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