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As I mentioned before, I really liked working at Voelter & Associates, but it got to be a challenge trying to hold down a job in Georgetown while enrolled at the UT School of Architecture.  The architecture course load is already pretty steep, with 15-18 hours per semester being typical, and very few other students had jobs in addition to their schooling.  The driving was time consuming and expensive.

That was why I got the job at Antenora Architects.  I really enjoyed learning from Michael.  He had worked on the San Antonio Convention Center previously and was very talented.

Some of my responsibilities in the early days included getting Michael’s Ford Explorer inspected and walking the office dog, Jake, daily.  One time I walked into Michael’s office and he had a movie on while he worked, which I thought was an excellent idea.  The movie was Fandango, with Kevin Costner, and to this day it is one of my favorites.

I learned something else from Michael too.  He was visionary enough to buy his little place in the South Congress area before it became the super popular spot it is now.  He commuted from that home to San Antonio while he worked there, and even when he got married and moved to a different house, he kept the little place and made it his office.  Michael was right about that area.  I remember working there while the neighborhood still seemed a little rough, and Jo’s Coffee was new.  Michael showed me that architects have knowledge about development trends and urban renewal that we can and should use to supplement our salaries.

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More to come soon.  If you want to get in touch please let me know!  Thanks for reading!

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