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One of our ventures included buying a building down the street from our office on Main Street in Round Rock and doing a facade upgrade and minor renovation.  I’ll tell that story separately, but the building was actually two structures.  The front building was a house built in the 1920’s that was subjected to a terrible 80’s botch job.  The back building was essentially a garage turned into offices.

When we completed the project, we had a nice office for ourselves in the front building but we had too much space.  We still have too much space.  Not to fear, we began renting offices in the back to individuals and small companies and have been quite successful in doing so.  We did this before coworking became a big buzzword.  It makes a lot of sense, because small businesses and individuals do want to be able to work in a cool downtown setting without the expense of renting a larger space.

I guess this is the genesis of PLACE Space.  We are going to try to rent desks as well as offices as an additional offering.  It is on a membership basis.  It is month to month with no commitment.  I started this way with my first office, and I am sure others want to as well.  We still have private offices, too, and a nice little community forming.

The ad which you see above was fun to make and gives our little venture some personality.  It was done by my brother, a great animator and generally funny guy (if I may say so) and I recommend him especially for these little social media spots.  Check him out at  We landed on the name PLACE Space because it rhymed, of course, and then we decided to riff on the space and make it a futuristic theme… because we love puns.  And lastly, to demonstrate the contrast between working at home and working in an office we chose to use a caveman discovering space.

Brainstorming with my brother is always fun.  I hope you enjoy.  Check out our new website for our coworking space at

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More to come soon.  If you want to get in touch please let me know!  Thanks for reading!

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