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The morning and afternoon commutes have gotten much more enjoyable with the availability of customized content via podcasts.  I really enjoy the podcasts that I subscribe to, and you may enjoy trying out one of these podcasts too.  My interests, of course, include real estate, architecture, the economy, as well as offbeat humor.  If you like any of these podcasts too, let me know!  Also let me know if there is a podcast I should try.

  1.  Cartalk.  An NPR classic.  Tom and Ray (Click and Clack) solve problems while poking fun at their guests and themselves.  I enjoyed this one as a kid on the radio and now I can enjoy it every week.
  2. Planet Money.  Another NPR production, this one explains economics in layman’s terms.  Its funny and well produced.
  3. Money for the Rest of Us, by J. David Stein.  David is able to make even complicated financial vehicles seem understandable and has a loveable offbeat delivery.
  4. The Indicator, from Planet Money.  Short, daily briefings on economic items in the news.  Just as enjoyable as Planet Money.
  5. The Business of Architecture, by Enoch Sears.  Very helpful information and interviews with Architects who have created successful businesses.
  6. BiggerPockets – Informative podcasts on every corner of the real estate investing world, primarily by interviewing successful investors.  Runs long, but I keep coming back.
  7. Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders, Stanford.  Great TEDtalk style lectures by tech innovators.  They typically recount the lessons they have learned in building a business.
  8. 2 Guys on Your Head.  The 2 guys are funny and give interesting insight into how our minds work.  It is delightfully short and well edited.
  9. 99% Invisible.  The hidden design all around us and how it impacts our lives.  This podcast is informative, educational, and quite mellow.  It reminds us that every decision made by us or a designer has the potential to redirect our lives
  10. How I Built This.  Guy Raz is enjoyable and tells the stories of brands we know and love through interviews with the founder.  You will find that their success is part luck, part skill.

These 10 podcasts fill my car-time pretty well, but if I’m missing something important, don’t forget to let me know!

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More to come soon.  If you want to get in touch please let me know!  Thanks for reading!

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