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Sometime in my freshman year in architecture school, someone made a really good replica sign out of foam core board and hung it over the entrance to Goldsmith Hall (the architecture building) that read “Architorture.”  And an architecture degree is a very grueling degree, so it may be appropriate.  We were assigned desks and expected to spend a lot of time at those desks working on our projects.  Our world was very small with most classes taking place within about a block of each other and including a small portion of Guadalupe (the drag) that included the Co-op where we could get art and model supplies.

One of the things that I found very interesting about Goldsmith Hall was that on the third floor there was a urinal with a window above it that had an excellent view of the West Mall.  In fact, it was near the entrance to the building so that you could wave to your friends as they entered.  Of course, most had no idea what you were doing.

Also at Goldsmith Hall we had the “Pigeon Wars.”  All the buildings on the West Mall were inundated with pigeons and for students that liked to have their windows open they were always having to fend off pigeons on the window sills.  Various spiky objects were tried with varying success.  Occasional haz-mat crews would descend on the building for a general cleanup of pigeon droppings.

It was so common for students to stay deep into the night that there was a dedicated room for sleeping with couches strewn about everywhere.  A few rouge students set up cots or sleeping bags under their desks, complete with privacy screens and chip-board night stands.  I never was really a fan of all-nighters and tended to get my work done during the day.  If I needed extra time, I preferred to go home and get some sleep and return early, like 3-4 AM early if necessary.  The students who needed all nighters were not that experienced in managing their time or planning out a project with a deadline.

Still architecture was demanding, and those students who tried to join fraternities, sororities, or pursue a dual-degree disappeared by the third semester.

More to come soon.  If you want to get in touch please let me know!  Thanks for reading!



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