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Recently I was listening to Bob Borson’s podcast and he was talking about how he selected his choice of college and I thought there were some similarities in his experience and mine.  First of all, he went to the University of Texas just like me.

Bob expressed that he was laser focused on attending UT and only later did he realize that it was actually a very good school for architecture.  Like Bob, I only applied at one school, the University of Texas at Austin.  At the time I had been working in an architecture office for 2 years (see Moonlighting) and it seemed like a good fit.  I didn’t really consider any other career options and I just set out to conquer the obstacles to becoming an architect.  1st step, accredited degree.  I did a tour of UT and yep, it was pretty cool.

The reason I was so focused on UT was geographic.  I went to Georgetown High School and UT was within driving distance.  I could keep my job, my little drafting company, live at home, and see all my friends.  It is also state subsidized, which made it a very good value.  The challenge was getting into UT, let alone the School of Architecture.  At the time, UT was accepting anyone in the State of Texas who graduated in the top 10% of their class.  This had ballooned the student population to the point that they were pretty much only accepting Texas students in the top 10%.  Additionally, The School of Architecture was only accepting about 60 incoming students a year which is really not very many at all.

I had slacked off my junior and senior year as I was focused on my job and had a severe case of senioritis.  I was still taking challenging courses, but getting “B’s” for the most part.  Graduating in the top 10% became seriously in doubt.  When the rankings came out for my graduating class, there I was, 39th out of 394 students.

Having barely made it into UT, was it reasonable to expect admittance into the School of Architecture?  I don’t know, but I applied and was accepted.

More to come soon.  If you want to get in touch please let me know!  Thanks for reading!



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