PLACE Designers | Curse of the Designer

People who design things can be extraordinarily picky.  I guess it comes from an appreciation of and an obsession with detail.  It started for me with shoes.  I started noticing every detail of shoes in elementary school.  This was in the 80’s and the Nike era.  Branded shoes like Air Jordans were popular.  I started sketching the shoes and styles I liked and then I started coming up with my own designs (with air pockets, toe fans, springs, and many other features.)

Being such a shoe connoisseur as I was, it was unthinkable that I would sport anything that did not reflect my personal taste.  So, instead of buying something practical that would do the job, I wanted something much more expensive.  My parents were not nearly as excited about this development as I was.  But I did end up with some great kicks, the Hurache, the Agassi, and my favorite still, the Air Max 95.

I moved on from shoes to cars, and designed many unique vehicles through the 90’s.  But after deciding that I did not want to move to Oregon or Detroit, I moved on to designing buildings.  Yet even today, when for the most part I am a practical family man, I truly cringe at the idea of “voting with my dollar” for items that are less than satisfying from a design standpoint.

So when it came time for my vehicle choice this last round, I made a well researched selection.  The Toyota 4Runner is not an obscure choice but they do have some specialized models and I settled on the TRD Off Road Premium.  It is as great as it seemed, but for me as a designer that was not enough.  I added a light bar, rock sliders, winch, a 2″ lift, and 285 tires to complete the “design.”  No matter that these aftermarket adjustments reduced the gas mileage, increased the noise, and cause tire rub when turning sharply.  I am a designer, and apparently I cannot help myself.

Let me know if you have the same problems.  And let me know if you, as an architect, have been able to design your own home (something that is a strong compulsion but very challenging due to market forces.)

More to come soon.  If you want to get in touch please let me know!  Thanks for reading!

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