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Recently I have had the pleasure of using the City of Austin’s new expedited permitting system.  Today was our latest success story.  I want to thank the city for making this option available and the city staff for their commitment to making it work.

What is the new expedited permitting system?  Well, it is a fast track to a permit for projects large and small.  On a new project, we submitted and requested the expedited permitting.  Within 2 weeks we got comments.  We prepared our comment responses and met with the city to review together.  In just one hour, we had red-lined the plans in a few additional places and we walked out of the city offices with a permit.

In another case, we had already submitted the usual way and were ready to respond to our initial comments.  We advised our client to try this new process.  Despite the additional cost, the client agreed, and just like before we met with the city and walked out with a permit.

Although this new process does have an additional fee, it is a large savings in time that results in cost savings for all involved: the consultants can reduce many hours of deskwork to one productive meeting, the clients save thousands potentially on interest and opportunity costs, and the city reduces their backlog.

Want to know another secret?  The city has placed some of their best reviewers on this team, dedicated to expediting permits.  So if you want the most experienced, practical, and reasonable reviewers looking at your projects, go for expedited permitting.  I know I will.

If you have a project and would like our help designing and permitting in the City of Austin, we stand ready to assist.

More to come soon.  If you want to get in touch please let me know!  Thanks for reading!

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