PLACE Designers | Iterate Again

In a creative profession, you are tasked with coming up with good ideas on a regular basis.  How do you begin?  I was taught early on that you need to start with something, anything! evaluate, keep the desirable aspects, remove the negative aspects, and do it again.

An idea is just an idea, but once drawn, or verbalized, can be analyzed and improved.  This holds true when designing a building.  There are many design techniques that can be utilized, like precedent studies, context, and the constraints that present themselves.

To illustrate this, start with a blank piece of paper.  How do you create a drawing?  Great artists just jump in and do it, we may think.  However, the truth is it all starts with an initial mark on the page.  Get the page dirty!  Make that initial mark.  Then, look at it.  Is it to short?  Too long?  Too wavy?  Two straight?  Does it need to move up or down, right or left?  Keep adjusting and adding (or subtracting) until you have a masterpiece.  There is no need for fear of failure or mistake, because it is a process.

This is why architects are known for their trace paper, or as some call it, trash paper, butter paper or onion skin.  Cheap and translucent, it allows us to do version on top of version, concept after concept until we have something worth presenting.

I have an expansive goal for my contribution to the world.  Architects are taught to solve problems.  Typically we think of these problems as being solved with built solutions.  And truly, architects do solve real business problems and contribute to efficiency for a wide range of clients.  But why can we not solve other business problems?  Why can we not solve our own business problems?  We can.  Through iteration.

Our philosophy is to put a procedure in place, evaluate it, keep the good, remove the bad.  We do not let the fact that we do not fully understand what the results will be keep us from trying to make progress.  We iterate in our business.  And because of that, we have gotten better.  And we will keep iterating and improving because we do not view our business as a static thing, but something that can always be improved and the market we are a part of as something always changing.

More to come soon.  If you want to get in touch please let me know!  Thanks for reading!

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