PLACE Designers | Skill or Attitude

On LinkedIn, which I follow, there is much discussion of which is preferable, skill or attitude.  And of course, both are needed.  Where do I stand on the scale?

We hire much more based on attitude.  In fact, we want upbeat, positive can do people.  We have had employees who complain, and we have spent much time trying to accommodate them.  But they are never happy.  Why?  Their default personality is set to a negative state.  Dealing with this scenario is an abyss and we want to avoid it at all costs.

Another attitude problem is a sense of entitlement.  Some employees, because of their background or experience, don’t feel then need to aggressively learn and improve.  And the disconnect between their true value and their own self-value widens until it is a chasm.

Lastly, my personal belief is that almost anything can be achieved if it is prioritized and focused on.  The very survival of my business, and other ambitious endeavors relies on constantly solving seemingly impossible problems.  And often this involves taking on challenges without knowing how they can be solved.  Many of these challenges were handed to me, not chosen.  Regardless, each one gets worked out.  They get worked out through the belief that there is no other option but eventual success.  A large does of the attitude behind this is probably referred to now as “grit.”  I call it stubbornness.

In many cases, I find that I am too stubborn to give up.  I believe that a solution will be found.  And in my experience, if you approach things this way, it will become true.

My employees do not all feel this way to the same degree.  Sometimes when I set a high bar, I get a lot of incredulous looks.  This is where the attitude comes in.  If you can quickly say to yourself “This is what has to happen” and start working on finding a solution, you are a lot better off than if you lose a lot of time discussing why it is impossible.  And if everyone waited until they knew exactly how to get something done to start, there would be a lot of great stuff that never happened.

More to come soon.  If you want to get in touch please let me know!  Thanks for reading!

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