PLACE Designers | Sweat and Soda

After working at Voelter Associates for 4 years I was tired of driving back to Georgetown for work.  I saw an advertisement for a part time position posted in the Architecture Studio at the University of Texas where I was attending and I ended up getting the job as the first employee for an important local firm.  One of our early projects was the adaptive re-use of abandoned warehouses and barracks previously used as an air force base.  These buildings were very tastefully changed to retail and office uses.

I recruited a buddy from school to join me at this firm and that summer we had the task of measuring and documenting the existing condition of those buildings.  It was nearly 100 degrees each day and it was hot, sweaty work.  We would stop and go down to 7-eleven to get fountain drinks and then go back to work.

Measuring buildings is an activity where you can learn a lot about different construction types.  You can also learn a lot about people by they way they live, and its not all good.

My favorite memory from measuring the air force barracks was this one particular building, with no roof and no glass in the windows.  A tree had grown up outside the window, bent horizontal through the missing window, and then vertical again inside.  The interaction between nature and a decomposing building was so cool that I just hoped it could be saved and incorporated into the project.

More to come soon.  If you want to get in touch please let me know!  Thanks for reading!

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