PLACE Designers | Generic CAD

When I started work at Voelter Associates I had a wide range of tasks, as you can imagine.  I filed product literature in the product library, a 16’x20′ room with shelves floor to ceiling.  No need for that anymore!  I ran blueline prints on the blueline machine, using the ammonia reaction to create copies on photosensitive paper.  I helped with the accounting.  I helped with remodeling the office.  But I also got to work on the projects with CAD.

The first project I worked on was the owner’s house.  He had started it in Generic CAD, so instead of using AutoCAD like I learned at school, I used this other program.  It was similar and I don’t recall it being much of a problem.  I just couldn’t believe it was actually named “Generic CAD.”  The other draftsman in the office, Jeff, used an early version of AutoCAD, so I guess it made sense for me to finish this program up instead of making him learn something new.

I really have no idea of how good that set of plans turned out.  Over that summer, we were slow and didn’t have enough work, so I spent a lot of time watching Jeff work.  He was very fast and used mostly keyboard shortcuts, and I learned a lot.  Later, when many people relied on buttons, I could speed past them in CAD using the shortcuts.

Another thing we would do when we were slow was make 32 pixel by 32 pixel images in Microsoft Paint.  We could then tile them on our desktop backgrounds.  If we came up with a cool pattern, it looked really neat.  We did a lot of those that summer.

More to come soon.  If you want to get in touch please let me know!  Thanks for reading!

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