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I worked hard on crafting a resume and then my mom drove me to the offices of the two firms. I nervously walked in, unannounced, and asked to meet the owners. Suprisingly, in both cases I was granted an audience, and in both cases I was offered a position for summer employment.

PLACE Designers | Atlas 14

Because drainage is already one of the most scrutinized and important aspects of the design review process, and because significant civil engineering efforts are invested in these drainage design solutions, this new standard could be a crisis for projects under design that do not take this into consideration.

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In the 3rd year of architecture there is a design class that is a sort of right of passage.  It is referred to as "Sound Building" and while acoustics are important in a building what it really refers to is demonstrating an understanding of all the requirements of a building and the ability to bring them together in a finished design.  Sound = whole = complete.